Francisco Kaiut


The Creator of
the Kaiut Method

Francisco Kaiut was born on October 26, 1971, in Curitiba, Paraná. He studied at a school for officers of the Military Police of Paraná during adolescence for 3 years, until deciding to follow his vocation in the universe of natural health, which led him to specialize in chiropractic, massage therapy, and yoga.

As a child, when he was 6 years old, Francisco was shot in the hip, an accident that caused him chronic pain for most of his life. This event led him to a constant search for relief from these pains, going through several alternative therapies and various types of massages.

During his healing journey, Francisco sought, first in Brazil and then abroad, different approaches, healers, and traditions. In the process, he discovered the ancient practice of yoga when he was 15 years old.

Always genuinely interested in alternative therapies, Francisco sought many trainings, first throughout Brazil. He is trained in different approaches to yoga, deep tissue massage therapy, chiropractic care, Reiki, and Swedish massage. He did his first yoga training at Vidya Yoga, in Curitiba.

In 1994, Francisco opened his first therapeutic massage and chiropractic clinic, also in Curitiba.

Having acquired all this baggage during training, Francisco realized, in his daily practice with his patients at the clinic, that the techniques alone were not capable of achieving the expected result, especially when the problem was chronic pain. Thus, he began to investigate further and create his techniques, mixing knowledge from different areas in which he had studied.

Looking to further expand his repertoire, Francisco traveled to England. There he acquired training in polarity therapy, visceral manipulation, and bio-cranial therapy. He specialized in an English method of chiropractic at McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Oxford.

Yoga today is a way to lessen the negative impact of modern life, yoga tomorrow is an evolution platform for humanity.

Francisco Kaiut

During the 6 months he lived in England, Francisco spent as much time as he could in Whitechapel, a London neighborhood with a lot of presence of Indian culture. There, he observed and learned a lot about yoga from a different perspective than he knew in Brazil. After the experience in England, he sought yoga training in Italy, France, and mainly in the United States.

When he returned to Brazil, he continued to work at the clinic – around that time the clinic began to grow more and more. With new specializations and a global vision of the yoga practice as a healing method, Francisco begins to lay the foundations for the Kaiut Method. He understood, after all, what was needed to deliver a healing result in a natural and fast way.

In his view, the main reason why yoga still didn’t deliver as many results as it should be is that the practice was being used disregarding social evolution. It was precisely this look at modern life, the bodies, and the minds of contemporary life, that made all the difference in creating his method.

One of the starting points for this discovery was when one day, after driving for a few hours, Francisco noticed how the pain in his hip behaved and moved through his body. Then he realized that the car was harmful not only for him, who already had a hip injury but for everyone who drove. This motivated him, even more, to seek effective solutions to modern routine problems, using yoga.

Francisco is a Buddhist, having made the pilgrimage around Mount Kailash, visiting Buddhist temples along the way.

Practice with inspiration.