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Our yoga method was created to improve the human capacity to adapt and overcome the challenges that come with age, chronic pain, low mobility, and anxiety. The Kaiut method is a biomechanical and integrative yoga practice, created by Francisco Kaiut, to develop modern body and mind. Each class was created with the intention of increasing the freedom of movement for any type of body.

What our students are saying

"I had my first contact with yoga through the recommendation of a friend. What attracted me most were the benefits attributed to the practice, which I was unaware of. In addition to feeling a physical well-being, which brought me greater mobility, relief from chronic pain and improved posture, I noticed a significant increase in my concentration and rediscovered my breathing, which fueled my self-awareness and self-control. For those who are unfamiliar with yoga, I suggest going deeper into the subject and getting to know the Kaiut method, because the results are amazing. ”

Ariel Machado, Kickboxing Fighter

“I was diagnosed with depression. All I wanted to do was lie on the bed and be quiet. But during practice, I felt distant from some of the most complicated and difficult problems I was dealing with in everyday life. I have the impression that, through yoga, I can now see things from a different perspective, which was not possible before practice. ”

Camila Porto, Lawyer

“After I started the practice, I stopped feeling rigid and now I can practice any type of physical activity or sport I want. My concentration also improved, and this was something that I was able to apply in my work, especially during surgeries, due to the type of attention to detail that my job requires. Yoga takes you to perfect focus. You can work hard and enjoy your leisure time more effectively. ”

Luiz Geraldo, Doctor>

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