The 21st Century is the era of modernization and speed where everyone is busy updating their modern lifestyle. Nowadays, people are so busy in their life and routine work they don’t focus on their bodies, leading to deterioration in health and behaviour changes. Overall those changes brought a new group of disease and infection called lifestyle diseases and conditions.

The negative effects and problems of the modern lifestyle are multiple. Lack of physical exercise and sitting for long hours are some of them.

It is inevitable that these diseases will become more common and more disabling if human “progress” and civilisation continue toward better (more comfortable) living, without necessarily considering their effects on health.

Cars, office chairs and desks, backpacks, cell phones, electronic reading devices, multitasking routines, and, more recently, the home office concept. All these new patterns of body use are extremely far from how nature predicted and can bring modern humans a series of difficulties, including chronic pain, loss of mobility in different parts of the body, stiff or atrophied joints, advanced sedentary lifestyle, RSI, spine deviations, lumbar issues and hernias, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Yoga in this modern time provides the best solution for the sufferings of the modern people  due  to dependency nature on modern technology and sedentary behaviors.

The practice of Yoga does not only deal with developing the body but also covers all the aspects of a person’s life. One of the best lessons yoga teaches us is to focus on the present.

Therefore, practicing yoga is significant in controlling all the problems resulted from modern life situations.

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