For you to have a peaceful and balanced life, it doesn’t just depend on the quality of your food or the practice of regular exercises. Sleep should also be taken into account.

That’s because, during sleep, the body recovers energy, optimizes metabolism and regulates the function of hormones fundamentals for the development of the body.

How do you know if you sleep with quality? According to researchers, waking up refreshed, without fatigue, is a good indicator that your nights sleep are restorative. And it is important to emphasize that the quality of sleep is not necessarily associated with the amount of hours slept.

In addition to understanding the importance of sleeping well, you need to understand that sleep health depends on four pillars:

Practicing yoga at night can help you relax before going to bed so you can sleep better. Yoga practice is an effective way to sleep better and, therefore, to fight sleep disorders in a natural and healthy way. When you practice yoga, both mind and body are put to work.

Practicing yoga before bed conditions our body and mind to a state of deep relaxation. Thus, a regular practice mainly helps people with insomnia to sleep longer, improving their sleep quality.

Sleep problems tend to increase as you age, but in a study of adults aged 60 and over, scientists found that seniors who practiced yoga daily for at least two years fell asleep 10 minutes faster, slept an hour longer. and feel more rested when they wake up in the morning, compared to seniors who don’t practice yoga.

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