RSI is the acronym for Repetitive Strain Injury, a term that designates various conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system (formed by structures such as tendons, nerves, muscles, bones and joints), whether by repetitive use, tension or long periods in the same position.

Performing repetitive motion such as clicking the mouse can cause microscopic cracks in tendons, muscles, and other soft tissue. Without adequate time to rest and repair, these fissures can become inflamed and the gradual build-up of these microtraumas can lead to illness.

A single “mouse click” isn’t stressful, but clicking the mouse for hours, especially when you’re in the wrong posture, can result in pain, tingling and numbness. Research shows that 73% of people who use computers at work have RSI problems that can become chronic pain and cause long-term problems.

Although this is an injury caused by repetitive strain, RSI is not only that, but it is also the lack of full movement in regions affected by repetitive strain. The Kaiut Yoga method can be a powerful tool to prevent and relieve this type of injury. Regular practice helps in the mobility recovery process and in relieving chronic pain. A bigger freedom of movement reduces strain on muscles and joints.

In addition, consistent practice teaches you to be more present in your body and mind, which allows you to notice signs of discomfort earlier. It’s important to bring this awareness into the workplace, paying attention to your body as you go about your daily tasks. You may find that your habits — bending over the phone, for example — are contributing to your symptoms. Learning to recognize and break these patterns can bring relief, as can the practices of Kaiut Yoga.

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