Stress, whether positive or negative, is a normal part of life. We may not have control over some of the negative stress we experience, but we can look for ways to include more positive stress in our life.

Both good and bad stress result in your body releasing hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, that trigger common signs of stress: butterflies in the stomach, racing heart and sweaty palms. Ultimately, what distinguishes good stress from bad is how you react or feel about the experience.

Learning to see positive stress in our lives requires a new mindset. Understanding how positive stress affects our wellbeing is a step toward reframing a negative word into a positive one. 

Research shows that the stress response memory lives in your nervous system. The question is: how can humans deal with stress in a healthy way?

The answer is to re-educate your habits to regulate nervous system activity. This can be done by invoking practices such as yoga. 

Working with safe joint stimuli, you can reestablish your ancestral nature. When your body is consistently and safely stimulated, your nervous system is regulated and gives you better support when going through a stressful situation.

Yoga practice should be learned not only for knowledge, but also to achieve a positive influence on our body, mind and emotions.

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