Yoga, a resource for healing

In the first months of practice, Carlos realized that he had gained more mobility and a dramatic reduction in pain. The pain didn’t disappear completely, but it reduced to the point where it became bearable. “I realized that I was going to take yoga for the rest of my life. Other treatments I tried did bring benefits and gains at first, but this gain curve then declined. In yoga, this curve does not exist, it keeps delivering positive results.”

Soccer demanded a lot from the athlete’s body, and the effects were reflected beyond the court, with pain and other issues related to mobility. In the same way, the practice of yoga brought results that went beyond the limits of the mat. He says that he can see results in everyday situations, such as climbing stairs. “Before, when I had pain, I would be thinking and more aware of all my injuries and difficulties as I climbed a flight of stairs. Today, I can simply walk upstairs without even thinking about it. Every day I use a little bit of the practice”.

Another change he has noticed is when traveling by plane. Before, it was torture to sit for hours during an airplane flight. Now, even a long flight no longer bothers him. “I can sit or stand for a long time without a problem. For me, the results of yoga are daily and multiple.”

Rescuing human potential

Carlos also experienced more complex situations, which revealed how much yoga can add to an individual’s health. On two occasions, he received a medical recommendation to undergo shoulder surgery. First, he tore the ligaments in his left shoulder and, a year later, in his right.

The first time he was playing on the coast of Paraná, he came back to Curitiba, did the exams, and the recommendation was surgery. So he went to the yoga school and talked to Francisco. Francisco listened attentively, looked at the exams and said: “no, you will not have surgery”. Surprised, Carlos responded: “I have ruptured ligaments. How are you going to treat that?” In the coming months, Carlos attended yoga as he had been, didn’t have surgery, and the ligaments healed.

One year later, he tore the ligaments in his right shoulder. In another consultation with the same doctor, he had an ultrasound on the right side, and when the doctor looked at the left, he commented that the left side had fully recovered.

Faced with the diagnosis, he also trusted that he wouldn’t need surgery and didn’t do it. He knew that even if he did, he would have to be extremely careful not to tear it again. If he had the surgery, it was unlikely he could continue with life as usual. “After that, I heard reports of people who needed to undergo several surgeries because just one wouldn’t solve it. I opted for yoga.”

From consistent practice in the Kaiut Yoga Method, Carlos started living better, regaining all the body’s natural potential hidden in his system. The Method gets to the essence of each classical yoga position and uses them to restore the function of the body. This is how it promotes self-massage and reaches parts of the body that are difficult to access manually. From consistency, one gains mobility in a process that makes the body more available in the future,  fostering overall health.

[To be continued…]

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