The Kaiut Method

Ancestral yoga for the modern body and mind.

Created from a blend of classic yoga with concepts from other therapeutic practices, the Kaiut Method adapts the ancient practice of yoga to the needs of modern human life. Positions function like complex leverage systems, operating biomechanically. Each position corresponds to a body’s need, having an effect on one or several joints at the same time.

Respect for the sweet spot of each body

The practice applied in the Method’s classes is biomechanical, integrative, and highly therapeutic, serving all types of bodies. Each class is created to increase freedom of movement and integration between mind and body, promoting joint stimuli that reconnect the brain and body and generate results so positive that they end up transforming the yoga practice into something as usual as brushing your teeth.

In the Kaiut Method, spontaneous meditation takes place through safe joint stimuli. Each asana has a well-defined function, all of which serve as a powerful anchor for the meditative state. With safety, these joint stimuli promote a neurological reconnection between brain and body, redrawing routes lost due to injuries and traumas, returning the body to lost mobility.

Through constant practice in physical and online schools, the method has already proven its vast therapeutic potential, relieving chronic pain that once seemed to have no solution, reducing anxiety, stress, and exhaustion crises, recovering mobility after evasive surgery or illnesses, and much more.

Unlike more traditional methods that seek unique and perfect positions, the Kaiut Method’s goal is to understand the needs of each student and adapt the poses so that they bring relief and results to everyone.

Reconnect body and mind

The Kaiut Method focuses on its own singular path, choosing an independent view regarding the classic yoga literature. Never disrespecting or denying the historical value of classical texts, the Kaiut Method, created and perfected for more than 30 years by Francisco Kaiut, considers everything neuroscience and quantum physics have taught us in the last centuries, and thus rethinks yoga to create a practice that works for the modern human.

“Your mind is your best tool. Use it to your advantage. The nervous system is the gateway to major change.”

Francisco Kaiut – Creator of the Kaiut Yoga Method

Transform your body in an independent and intelligent way