Social Responsibility​


Our role as people.

Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning is a nonprofit organization focused on giving structure and knowledge to teachers who want to share health. Since a big part of our work is around providing tools to promote health and well-being, we are always looking for ways to expand this to the communities around us.

That’s why we are in touch with several NGOs, helping out people and the environment. As a Brazilian-born Institute, we started our social work with NGOs near us, but there is no geographic limit to where we want to go. Here are some of the projects we are involved with:

Get to know the organizations that Kaiut Yoga supports:

Friend of dreams Association

An institute created to help women achieve their dreams.

Le Petit Prince - Hospital

Hospital specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents.

Love has no breed - association

Association responsible for the reception and treatment of rescued dogs.

Plant a Tree

A sustainable project focused on planting trees. With every sale of our courses, we donate to plant a tree.

"Junta Mais" Association

Operates in various niches of society, contributing to social development and better quality of life.