28 Aug 20
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It’s been more than 20 years…

2 decades since the last time I studied and tested the 100 basic and fundamental sequences of the Kaiut Yoga method on my own body! 

I know! It seems nostalgic and even a bit exaggerated but it’s true! 

The experience of revisiting these classes has been a real gift and truly surprising for me!  

After experimenting with the efficiency of the classes I specialized in the application and the practical use of the sequences to mitigate issues connected with aging, pain, chronic pain, trauma, and other ailments that could affect people.  

Through this process, my focus was on my students and their individual needs. So much so, that now I am revisiting the exact program of classes and practice that I suggest during my Teacher Training Courses.  

With that, I’ve been able to prove not only the efficiency of each class but also the effectiveness of the sequences of this method.

In this journey, I’ve been practicing each class at least twice. Once to record for the school in English and the other to record for the school in Portuguese. 

Sometimes I’ll practice the class a third time just to analyze specific points in the class.

At this very moment, I am faced with something even better and more surprising.

Each day I have dissected and analyzed an entire class! This leaves me with the feeling that these 100 fundamental sequences have been tattooed on my chest. 

So, I memorize, deepen, and then apply the logic of homeopathy: the increase in dilution intensifies the potency. 

For that, I can say the more intelligent, careful, and subtle you are in the practice the more efficient you become. 

Genius this yoga stuff, isn’t it?

The process of practicing the same class for multiple hours of the day has changed the way I approach my regular practice greatly

The result was so impactful and efficient that I had to reduce the frequency and intensity of my “regular” practice. Once I noticed that shift I decided to simply practice the 100 class plans that I’d be recording for the Online School that way I could be able to dedicate myself to the same practice all of my students are doing and the profound result available without any other interference. 

Before, with my regular practice, I practiced between 4 and 5 hours a day!

Now, at the very most I practice 2h30. That’s a pretty big shift, right?

This series of 100 classes is a symbol of simplicity and efficiency. 

My motor skills, muscular response, articular mobility, and strength have improved immensely! 

Being able to do all of this with my experience today is a stepping stone for my career and my process of study.

I’ve never felt more grateful.

For me, this entire process presents a deep truth in the power of reinventing the process of aging. 

Yoga could be the missing piece in what we define as aging and how we see aging in the years to come.  

Yoga has given me nothing more than incredible, tangible, real results, freedom, and muscular tone. 

All of that from a half dozen super simple positions put together in unique ways. 

Practice people, practice! 

If your choice is too to not practice, just know that the stagnation of the human body could bring you unnecessary aging and even discomfort. 

Today, at almost 50 years of age, my body is taking advantage of living in the best possible way with the most mobility and comfort that I have ever experienced in my life!

I test the limits and of course reinvent ideas and concepts! 

All of that from a half dozen super simple positions put together in unique ways. 

I have no plans on reducing my goal and aspirations… 

Quite the opposite, I think that my work here is to completely reinvent our idea of the human aging process and I am just getting started!

The teachers that practice with me regularly will often fill me in on their physical changes and the positive experiences and especially the evolution of their understanding of the method. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Reconnect with the practice and dive into the study.

One of my closest teachers has been taking my classes online with her husband daily. She is highly experienced and he has lived a life filled with accidents and surgeries.  

Both, daily taking the same class are experiencing the same incredible experience that I am having!

I’m sorry for the choice of many teachers that choose to mix the sequences of the KY method with other types of yoga practices from other methods.

And some even change the order of the sequences, I just see this as missing the opportunity to expand your understanding of the classes and the order of their sequences.

But I understand that each of us needs our own time to discover the best way to learn. I just believe yoga is more! Please, don’t be satisfied with little! This method is inclusive like very few things in life. Take advantage of it!

→ If you don’t practice…

Start to explore your body and mind through new activities. Use your body! Identify your positive points and interact with them.

At all costs, do you best not to interact with your negative side… the practice of yoga is great in the sense. It will always deliver the ideal route for your health and well-being.  

Believe me, in the long term the absence of the practice will be noticeable

Teachers without a solid practice are poor teachers…

The practice alone creates a comprehension of the classes, the method, and the purpose of how the results are delivered to each student. 

Teachers without practice can even go unnoticed… when they are talented in communication! But it only works for a while.

And that is unsustainable. So, practice!

What is emerging, is a place of personal research. Consistent articular movement is a metabolic optimizer and an efficient nervous system organizer.

Yoga is aligned with nature and just maybe the most intelligent, simple, and powerful invention the history of humankind has ever seen. 

And it helps us recover the original way that nature prepared us to operate: with a very low need for food and physical activities, a tremendous degree of focus with absolutely no anxiety.

This is what the practice has delivered to me and what I will deliver to the public little by little.

This is happening to me, I am experiencing an optimized state of life,with very little energy expenditure and high availability of vitality.

Having self-esteem, physical, mental, and emotional vigor is no exception.

This is our basic and most natural state.

Francisco Kaiut 

Kaiut Yoga Online School
Your body independent and intelligent.