Kaiut Yoga 101

the program

Kaiut Yoga 101

The Kaiut Yoga Method has over 30 years of development and positive results around the world. As it is a different method, with a scientific, neuroplastic approach that acts directly on the nervous system, its practical and theoretical foundations differ from traditional yoga.

So we have created the Kaiut Yoga 101 program with the intention of presenting to the most different types of people what the Kaiut Method is: yoga enthusiasts, teachers of other methods, natural health lovers, alternative therapy professionals and practicioners and people seeking to improve your quality of life.

Using an easy and direct approach, we have divided into 13 online classes the primordial information needed to understand the Kaiut Method in a more global way: how it was born, how it works, what are the scientific bases that support it, theoretical foundations, key positions and how the method delivers real results.

It is an affordable introductory program, the first step for those who want to dive into the universe of yoga and forever change their relationship with their own health.