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No. The Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training is designed for everyone, both teachers and practitioners of the Kaiut Method or other yoga methods, who wish to deepen their understanding of body biomechanics and the use of the body in general.

To attend classes you’ll need a computer, mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc), internet connection and an adequate space to learn. Regarding the equipment to practice, home items can be adapted or you can purchase specific equipment directly from us.

Comfortable clothes. Perhaps a sweater, hooded coat or similar in case your room is cold as we deal with so many temperature changes.

No. The Kaiut Yoga Method is designed for people with different experiences with yoga, including no experience at all. Here you will learn to use your body productively and intelligently.

The dynamics of this training is the same, however, it is taught in Brazilian Portuguese, therefore, fluency in the language is essential to understand the theoretical and practical classes.

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