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Come experience a new biomechanical method popular in North America.

While the majority of yoga methods practiced in the Western world today focus on stretching muscles and increasing flexibility, the Kaiut Method works instead from the joints.  By maintaining a healthy range of mobility in the joints the body is able to function optimally; and when the body’s systems are functioning well this affects brain function and our overall quality of life.

For the first time, Brazilian Francisco Kaiut, creator of the Kaiut Method will be in Europe. This represents a rare opportunity to practice this emerging method.

Francisco is a certified chiropractor and yoga master who has studied cranial sacral, deep tissue massage therapy, as well as polarity in the UK. He has uniquely integrated the knowledge and principles of all these health and wellness modalities to create a comprehensive yoga method designed to help people alleviate stiffness in their bodies that arises from our habitual movement patterns of modern life (such as sitting most of the day, often hunched over electronics), as well as chronic pain from injuries - from sports or otherwise.

Here what people are saying about Kaiut Yoga here.

Francisco will be speaking about the results he is seeing from his method at the 2017 Global Movement: Brain, Body & Cognition at Oxford University from July 9-11.  While in the UK, a one-day Kaiut Yoga Introductory Workshop will be held in London, including guided yoga practice & lecture/discussion.


These workshops are designed for people new to yoga, practicing yoga students and yoga teachers alike. This is yoga for every body and every body type.


9am to 5:15pm (lunch break from 12:00-2:15pm)

Light Centre Monument  36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU

Excellently located between Monument tube station and Tower Hill, the centre is well served by public transport.

100 GBP per person. Registration is in Canadian dollars. Click here to register. 25 GBP for students or recent graduates.

Yoga mats and props will be provided.

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