A few words from francisco on Kaiut YOGA equipment...

My dear students and teachers. I have chosen or designed the following equipment for many reasons. It is quite different from the equipment used by other yoga lineages. In our case, the equipment is used to support the student,  and to change the shape of a pose and thereby change the leverage system inside. Using our equipment, we can vary greatly the angles approached in the students body during any single pose, reminding the system of all the different ways nature designed it to move.  

Even if we go for a walk or hike a few times a week, or we do other outdoor activity, the exposure we have to nature nowadays has diminished tremendously. It is essentially missing in our day to day lives today. Thus, mimicking the way our systems would be demanded by nature is one of the main reasons I have designed and developed our equipment in the way that I have. It comes from years of research and my personal study and practice.

With all that in mind and understanding that a good teacher will be establishing very solid work within their community, it is important that the equipment not only lasts a long time but ages properly, thereby enhancing the connection between the student and nature in a very atypical way.

All the equipment has to age properly but mainly the bolsters. They stack better but most importantly they support better when they age, which is a subtlety we don’t often think about in the yoga world. We assume the newer the better. We assume the more high tech the better. But actually nature has its own way.

Namaste, Francisco


We are excited to announce that our new line of Kaiut Yoga equipment will be coming soon.   Please stay tuned!