Top Ten Reasons Kaiut Yoga Is The Method For All

Charlotte Witten.jpg

Number 10:  A dress code is basically non-existent. Lululemon, Winnipeg Denim, San Diego Florals, Brazilian Whites, exotic Dual Man Buns … are ALL acceptable … even on women. ;)

Number 9:  Space is not a deterrent.  All you need is time. “You can practice on the floor, you can practice on a door.  You can practice on a wall, you can practice if you’re tall. You can practice in a chair, you can practice anywhere!”

Number 8:  “Nappy” time is encouraged and beneficial.

Number 7:  You can drink tea between postures.  Francisco does it, so it must be okay!

Number 6: There is definitely no competition … no right or wrong posture.  You can even fall down, Adam, and the crowd just loves you more.

Number 5: All forms of feedback recommended.  Laughter, giggling, disgruntled comments of discomfort, whining, whispers and even WAILING all appreciated.

Number 4:  No distracting odors or slinging sweat, with room temperature quite comfortable.

Number 3: Mysticism, hocus-pocus, voodoo, essential oils not necessary.  Just you and the floor and gravity with guidance. It works.

Number 2:  Available to all walks of life with mats and props provided.

And the Number ONE Reason to practice Kaiut Yoga???  You get to “Do Less and Feel More”! And isn’t that the point?  We all want that!

Namaste my Kaiut friends 

Charlotte Witten, Kaiut Teacher-in-training, Dallas, Texas