the source of our restrictions

We all have restrictions. We experience them in our bodies as we move around. We often feel our limitations accentuated by rigidity and stiffness in our joints and pain in different parts of our bodies.

What I have learned practicing Kaiut Yoga is how some of my restrictions originate in my emotions and in my mind.  I always kind of knew this but there is a difference between the knowledge I had and the knowing that I now feel. My knowing came slowly, unexpectedly, naturally, trickling into my entire being during the course of the last two years of practicing Kaiut Yoga.  And it remains a work in progress.

I am finally getting it. Getting it deep inside. I now understand where my personal work lies.  As I am practicing Kaiut Yoga I am becoming consciously aware of my emotional and mental restrictions. As I sit in Sukasana curving my spine forward, dissolving the restrictions in my hips, I often grasp a new understanding of what I need to let go emotionally and mentally.

Kaiut Yoga is here to stay.  It is not a sport. It is not entertainment. It is not a trendy practice to be followed like a hobby.

It is simple, wise, honest and natural. It is the heart of a healthy and joyful life.

Susie Friedmann

Kaiut Teacher, Toronto, ON, Canada