In Practice, Opening Is Everything


Since opening Kaiut Yoga Telluride three months ago, my main focus has been the business aspect of running my own studio as well as the preparation of classes. I love sharing this simple and profound work; it is alive and the feedback is amazing.

I teach many classes and it is not really possible to separate teaching and personal practice as they are completely intertwined. While teaching, I am collecting and absorbing a lot of data and fine-tuning my observational skills as I see many different spines, shoulders, knees, feet and hips. I am becoming more sensitive to the many variations and the differences that students present; the multiple facets and nuances with bodies of every type.

I am bringing this acquired knowledge to my personal practice. I am refining my ability to identify and reflect more clearly on the details and layers of the individual poses and whole sequences. The quality and depth of my time spent on the mat is evolving.

As my understanding deepens and unfolds, the most notable realization about my practice is the actual moment of opening. It's the most important moment; it’s the moment I am telling my mind, my body, my nervous system that something different is about to happen. It’s not formal but a conscious shifting of my focus. I am connecting my awareness towards the inside as I change the way I am operating. It is an allowing process as I set the tone for what is to follow.

As my mind begins to settle and resistance is diminished; space is created for me to connect with my true nature.  I am practicing my ability to be present.

I am a better version of myself with this incredible tool, Kaiut Yoga. I am more aware of my feelings, emotions and reactions. I am more at peace with myself and the quality of my life with this practice leads to more emotional coherence and clarity.

With tremendous gratitude to Francisco Kaiut, the creator and founder of this life-changing method.


Yvonne, Kaiut Yoga Telluride