No Words Required

[This video is well worth the time to watch it. Beautiful.]


Hey there precious little baby, don't rush. Don't rush to speak. You live in a beautiful world where you can only listen, see and feel.

When you say your first words your parents will be beyond excited and everyone around you will clap their hands with delight. Its such a moment of joy and yet its a shame we grow up and forget. We forget the joy of just listening to what is around us. And by just listening, experiencing so much more.

So thank you my dear friend Francisco. Thank you for encouraging me to come to Curitiba for this Kaiut Carnival Intensive Retreat. Thank you for not providing me with a translator this time, so I can not understand the instructions you are giving nor the conversations of the other students around me. Your words instead act as music. And thus, I feel them instead of understand them.

Without words to comprehend I hear so much more. I hear the beautiful melodic hum of the overhead fans, and the contented sighs and yawns of those lying on their mats around me.

Without words to understand, I see so much more. I see the fine lines of the studio parquet flooring and how they run harmoniously in both the same and opposing direction. I see the indent in the bolsters from many a head cradled and supported class after class. I see the beauty in every face, every tummy, every set of toes around me.

Without words to interpret, I feel so much more. I feel every centimetre of my foot on the rod as we stand on it. I feel the change in temperature of the floor when I step on a section being warmed by the sun streaming in from the window above.

It seems the less I understand, the more I hear, the more I see, the more I feel. The less I understand, the more I experience, the more is revealed, the more I enjoy.