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Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training is a gateway to the yoga universe and the Kaiut Yoga Method. For over 15 years, this training course has taught not only the scientific logic that supports the method, but also how to build a relationship with the future students, the history of yoga practice, the practical and theoretical foundations, the importance of understanding the nervous system, neuroplasticity and more.

In addition to training new teachers of the Kaiut Yoga Method, the course can also be taken as a way to get a profound understanding about yoga practice. A true source of knowledge about practice, therapeutic cases, healthy habits and also a powerful channel to meet other practitioners, passionate about seeking and sharing health. The course content grid is complete, serving both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

This training promotes, above all, a change of perspective about your own health, body and concept of well-being.

Who attended comments:

“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. I am now 70 years old and I can guarantee that during all this time, my body has experienced little loss of quality. I see through it how the Kaiut method has transformed my life.”

 Lúcia Torres, Kaiut Yoga certified teacher in Curitiba

“Learning to read micromovements and perceive bodily harmony is part of the ongoing training proposed by Kaiut. The same sequence of depositions with totally unique energetic works for EACH of the people who will share my class. No value judgments but with precision in the targeted words.”

Ariel Kuma, Kaiut Yoga certified teacher in Curitiba

“I started my training in 2017. After hours of classes with Francisco Kaiut, instead of being tired, what I felt was a very pure energy flowing through my body, with a lot of vitality and joy. In the Kaiut Method I actually found genuine yoga, that original yoga without makeup.”

Eve Pisani, Kaiut Yoga certified teacher in Curitiba

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