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We want 1% of the world practicing Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga was born as a yoga school, created to share health through the therapeutic method developed by Francisco Kaiut. The first school was opened in 2003, at Praça da Espanha in Curitiba – Brazil. 

In the following years, the positive results of the Kaiut Yoga Method boosted the expansion to other cities first in Brazil, then the United States.

Always committed to showing how yoga is a powerful tool for transforming people’s lives, Francisco kept investing in Kaiut Yoga Schools and recruiting a multidisciplinary team willing to deliver health in the most diverse ways.

In 2020, Kaiut Yoga history began to be rewritten. With the growing trend of the online world and the coronavirus pandemic, the opportunity arose to take yoga practice to a place not yet explored by the School: the internet. The Online School was born to break geographical barriers and take the Kaiut Method to the entire world, through classes, lectures, workshops, and exclusive materials.

The next step was the creation of the Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning Institute, turning our focus to those who have the most potential to bring Kaiut Yoga to the whole world: teachers. Therefore, the Institute was created to provide education and training for yoga teachers.

Kaiut Yoga is


To bring Kaiut Yoga to 1% of the world’s population, we are focusing on education and producing knowledge for those who have the greatest potential to spread yoga: our teachers.

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Working with friends focused on the same goal of bringing health through Yoga. This is our team: